The War on Pizza

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Why should you sign the pledge?


Imagine: You are new to the local tech scene, and you love it! You go to 2, 3, even 4 events a night. Pizza is fine, but gets boring.

But what if you found a meetup that served something different? Sandwiches, thai food, or gyros? You'd definitely want to come back to that event.


It's no surprise that pizza isn't healthy. But it's the fuel that makes us code faster! Diet is also responsible for 80% of weight changes (exercise being the other 20%).

By upping the quality of food at events just a single notch (we don't have to be serving filet mignon), we can help encourage new and old developers to be just a bit healthier.


Pizza often gets ordered from Dominos or Papa Johns, which don't exactly need your support. If we up the variety a bit, we can start to branch out to more local businesses.

They might not be software companies, but an entrepreneur started that sandwich place down the street - show her your support!

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Who's Enlisted?

Meetup Name City Organizer Date Signed
Hacker News Seattle Meetup Seattle Zachary Cohn October 13, 2013
Customer Development Meetup Seattle LIFFFT October 13, 2013
Startup Weekend: Seattle Seattle Ben Gilbert October 13, 2013
Seattle MetaMeetup Seattle Zachary Cohn October 13, 2013
Social Media Workgroup Seattle Dianne Bengtson October 14, 2013
PhotoExplorers Seattle Dianne Bengtson October 14, 2013
Seattle Tech Meetup Seattle Red Russak October 15, 2013
Android Developers Meetup Seattle Benn Bollay October 16, 2013
Get a Real Job Fair Seattle Gina Phillips October 16, 2013
Greendrinks Seattle Gina Phillips October 16, 2013

What's this about?

How'd this start?

The War on Pizza started during a time when Zac Cohn was going to a ton of startup events in Seattle. Even though he was trying to eat healthier, it was hard to turn down free dinner.

One day, he realized he'd had pizza 5 times that week, and that was kind of ridiculous. As a meetup organizer himself, he decided to do something about it...

Why do people care?

Pizza is the standard event food. It's the bar for what you have to provide to attendees. But it's a pretty freaking low bar. And don't you want to surprise and delight your attendees?

It is incredible how many people will come up to the organizer at every event and exclaim "I just wanted to thank you for not serving pizza. This is the best food I've ever had at a meetup."